Shared folders with VMWare Player and Ubuntu 11.04

If you’ve got Ubuntu 11.04 installed in a VMWare player and want to make use of the shared folders then the following steps may be of use.

1) Install VMWare-Tools into the virtual machine.
This is done by selecting ‘Install VMWare Tools…’  from the ‘Virtual Machine’ menu.

2) Define the shared folder.
Shared Folders Configuration
In this example I’m sharing my Windows Home folder with a name of WinHome, make a note of this name as it is needed in the next step.

3) Mount the shared folder.
Use the following command

sudo mount -t vmhgfs .host:/WinHome /mnt/hgfs

The name after .host:/ should match the one defined in step 2. The location does not need to be /mnt/hgfs it just has to be a directory that exists.

Once that’s all done you can access the files in that part of the host system from the guest system.


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